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BVB INNOVATE – Because we love free mobility


BVB INNOVATE has launched a program to establish a leading charging infrastructure provider with renowned investors. In a first step, 50 m EUR will be invested in Germany: in the “electrification” of employee, fleet, and customer car parks.

BVB INNOVATE offers a convenient no-money-down program to location owners: BVB INNOVATE owns, builds, and operates the charging infrastructure on the premises of the location owners – and enables flexible billing. ChargeParks services come without any investment costs or operating expenses for location owners. Customers appreciate the optimal recharging services for staff, clients, tenants, and owners.

In addition, rapid-charging parks will be planned and rolled-out at strategic locations along highways and through-roads.

Projects initiated or carried out by BVB INNOVATE have won numerous prizes, e.g. the European Satellite Navigtion Competition . Some are lighthouse projects supported by the German government (DriveBattery2015) or Europe’s Next Innovation Leaders Projects funded by the EU Commission.

MobileBattery pre-order campaign started

We call our mobile batteries Mobat. Mobat.me is a mobile battery for you. After restructuring our operations, we have now kick-started our pre-order campaign. Reserve your Mobat.me for as little as 100 EUR / USD now. Your reservation will give you a 1,000 EUR / USD discount as soon a Mobat.me will be available in your country. We will start production in 2018. >>Reservation

Octopus charging clusters for electric vehicles

BVB INNOVATE has developed AC charge points for charging up to 8 electric vehicles in parallel. This enables cost efficient roll-out of charging infrastructure on corporate and residential car parks. Users appreciate easy handling without an extra charging cable. Payment is very convenient using a credit card or a ChargeParks card with attractive flat rate plans.

Battery buffered DC rapid chargers

BVB INNOVATE develops battery buffered DC rapid chargers. Battery buffered systems enable rapid charging without medium voltage grid access. The systems can also be used as mobile rapid chargers – providing electric energy wherever it is needed. Thus e-vehicles and e-vehicle fleets can be charged anywhere. BVB INNOVATE has received EUR 2 m. in funding from the EU via its Horizon 2020 SME instrument.



Mobile Rapid Chargers



BVB INNOVATE has gained more than eight years’ experience in developing charging infrastructure and battery systems from numerous projects with partners such as Audi, Infineon, VW, Deutsche ACCUmotive, Fraunhofer IPA or the Technical University of Munich.