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Mobile Recharing

The everywhere mobility package for your electric car

We call our mobile batteries Mobats. Mobats are trailers with a safe lithium-ion battery. They can provide electric energy while driving and anywhere throughout the country – no charge points, no grid necessary. Mobats are marketed by Nomadic Power GmbH


“Making mobile energy available everywhere.”

Mobat Use Cases:

Charging dispersed e-vehicle fleets

Recharge e-vehicles wherever they happen to be parked. Ideal for operators of mobility concepts such as DriveNow or Car2Go. Rapid charging restores discharged vehicles to the booking system within a few minutes, preventing personnel-intensive transport to the charging station.

Breakdown services

Stuck on a motorway with an empty battery? No problem. The Mobat.services recharge your vehicle battery directly – without time-consuming towing away to the nearest charging station.

Valet Recharging

Are you planning your own e-vehicle fleet? Are you worried about expensive and complicated equipping of your company car park with charging infrastructure? Easy: have the charging done for you. The Mobat.services can recharge up to four e-vehicles in parallel per deployment. It can enter any company car park and your employees will always drive with a full battery.

Mobile Energy

Mobats provide energy anywhere. Ideal for festivals, outdoor activities or building sites. No noisy generator, no exhaust fumes.

Charging while driving

Mobats can charge your vehicle during the drive. Simply hitch up a Mobat ‘on demand’ for a long journey and replace it whenever necessary. You can thus travel unlimited distances with an e-vehicle.