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Add meaning to the world

The everywhere mobility package for your electric car

Drive a beautiful small electric car in the city and use a mobile battery for longer trips. It’s smart, it’s so much fun, it saves so many resources, it’s your move for saving the world.

We call our mobile batteries Mobats. Mobats are safe lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 20 – 200 kWh. They can provide electric energy while driving and anywhere throughout the country – no charge points, no grid necessary.


“Making mobile energy available everywhere.”

Mobat Use Cases:

1. Charging while driving

In the next phase we will offer Mobats that charge your vehicle during the drive. Simply hitch up a Mobat ‘on demand’ for a long journey and replace it whenever necessary. You can thus travel unlimited distances with an e-vehicle.

2. Rapid-charging stations

Mobats are rapid-charging stations that can be set up wherever there is an electric socket. No building permits, excavations or grid expansions are necessary. Ideal for company car parks, hotels or at home.

3. Charging dispersed e-vehicle fleets

Recharge e-vehicles wherever they happen to be parked. Ideal for operators of mobility concepts such as DriveNow or Car2Go. Rapid charging restores discharged vehicles to the booking system within a few minutes, preventing personnel-intensive transport to the charging station.

4. Breakdown services

Stuck on a motorway with an empty battery? No problem. The Mobat.services recharge your vehicle battery directly – without time-consuming towing away to the nearest charging station.

5. Valet Recharging

Are you planning your own e-vehicle fleet? Are you worried about expensive and complicated equipping of your company car park with charging infrastructure? Easy: have the charging done for you. The Mobat.services can recharge up to four e-vehicles in parallel per deployment. It can enter any company car park and your employees will always drive with a full battery.

6. Mobile Energy

Mobats provide energy anywhere. Ideal for festivals, outdoor activities or building sites. No noisy generator, no exhaust fumes.

Mobat Free Mobility

Rapid-charging stations

Mobat Rapid Charger Roll-out: battery buffered rapid DC chargers will be rolled out if medium voltage grid access is not easily available.

“Mobile batteries make a lot of sense in the new world of electric vehicles. Simply deliver electric energy at any place where it’s needed.”
Manfred Baumgaertner

Reservation of Mobat.me

Mobat.me is a mobile rapid charger. Mobat.me consists of a mobile battery mounted upon a strong self-braking trailer frame. It is used to charge e-vehicles in any location as well as during journeys. It can also provide electrical energy anywhere.

Mobat.me can be recharged at any electric socket (Schuko, CEE, Type 2 charging station). Rapid charging takes place via CCS or a CHAdeMO connector. Charging during journeys will also be available at a later date. For this purpose, the e-vehicle must first be equipped with a Mobat installation kit. We will provide information on when the first e-vehicles are approved for this application. Get ready: we will announce the first co-operation at a major launching event in July 2017.

Mobat.me will be available in the following capacity classes:

  • 40 kWh
  • 60 kWh
  • 85 kWh.

Mobat.me can be used as a mobile rapid charger with an output of 50 kW. In another version, Mobat.me will provide charging current at an output of up to 22 kW during journeys. This will expand the range of the e-vehicle by up to 500 km. There will also be a variant that can additionally provide alternating current. Mobat.me can then be used as a zero-emission emergency power generator or as a source of electricity whilst camping, at holiday homes or on building sites.

The estimated cost of the Mobat.me system is EUR 19,000 for the 40 kWh version and EUR 29,000 for the 85 kWh version.

Reservation will ensure that you obtain your Mobat.me. It will also show us which versions of Mobat.me should initially be supplied to which countries. The reservation applies until 31.12.2018. We will transfer the reservation fee back to you if Mobat.me is not yet available in your country by this date. Are you a retailer? Please reserve the number of Mobat.me units that you want to sell during the first year.


Rapid charging as a service

Mobats can recharge up to four e-vehicles simultaneously. Thus entire e-vehicle fleets can be recharged throughout the day or night at company car parks. All employees can then always leave the car park with fully charged batteries, removing the need for recharging at home or while underway.

Mobat.services also comes into play when you are stuck somewhere with an empty battery. Thanks to the rapid-charging function, the battery can be directly recharged – completely preventing the need for time-consuming towing to the nearest charging station.

BVB INNOVATE is working with leading breakdown service suppliers on complete provision of charging services throughout Germany.

Nomadic Power will handle marketing activities.